Washup All-Over – Gift Set

Tui & Kahili

    We've released our Washup All-Over in limited edition, bespoke packaging – no need for wrapping! Inspired by fitness, movement and sensory self-care, its design and the product within create a refreshing and uplifting gift for those you care for.

    Wash, nourish and restore with an everyday body wash and bathing staple.

    Formulated especially for the body (not just the hands), this extra silky wash glides effortlessly over the skin while nourishing and cleansing. pH balanced and loaded with beneficial plant-based Essential Oils and Extracts, including Harakeke, Ginger Root and Aloe, this everyday wash will cleanse and revive from tip to toe while uplifting with the indulgent scent of Tui & Kahili.
    Form the perfect trio with Washup and Sootherup Tui & Kahili for total hand & body cleansing and nourishment.

    500ml, pH balanced

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